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announcing New prem baby Lifecast Body Simulation are pleased to announce the launch of a 27 Week premature baby with full airway, UVC Umbilicus and NG Tube placement - Please contact one of the team for more details

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The Family

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Afro Caribbean resuscitation Baby ALS Manikin

Afro Caribbean Baby

One of our hottest products at IMSH 2018 was the introduction of different Ethnicities in resuscitation manikins. The Afro Caribbean baby has been a huge hit for Universities and Neonatal units in both the USA and Uk.
"if we take him to a hospital people cannot believe the realism of the body - they take him to show their friends - we often worry we won't get him back!"

Fold Away Ambulance

Fold Away Ambulance (and other Bespoke) spaces.

The Fold Away ambulance space designed by MDT has been added to the wider Syndaver and Lifecast Body Simulation portfolio.
The spaces can be built to exactly match your requirements - we work with you to design your Local Graphics onto the boards.
Folds flat when not in use.

Lifecast Family

Lifecast Prem Baby


SynAtomy Anatomy teaching table


Syndaver are growing at an incredible pace - at IMSH2018 Syndaver have showcased their collaboration with Brazilian tech giant Csanmek, which specializes in systems and solutions for the educational market, Used in more than 30 medical courses (human and veterinary) in Brazil, the United States and Mexico, Csanmek's 3D simulator acts as a platform that displays highly detailed and anatomically correct three-dimensional models of all systems in the human body for training of virtual surgeries.


New Born Baby - Caucasian

Introducing the Lifecast Body Simulation New Born Baby. A highly accurate and lifelike infant designed and manufactured in the UK at Elstree Movie Studios.
Designed to create Emotion the Newborn baby is in a league of its own!

Used by Simulation Centres worldwide.

Lifecast Toddler ALS Manikin


The Lifecast Body Simulation Toddler/Child is now available to order. A highly accurate and lifelike young child's body designed and manufactured in the UK. We believe that manikins should resemble the clients we see every day.


Adult Female

The Lifecast Body Simulation Adult is now available later to pre-order. A highly accurate and lifelike adult body designed and manufactured in the UK.

Photos are of the BESPOKE BODY designed for Smacc, #WheresRenee?


Adult Male

The Lifecast Body Simulation Senior is now available to pre-order. A highly accurate and lifelike adult Male body designed and manufactured in the UK. Based on Karl who is 50 years of age and works here in Elstree.