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Smacc Support - #WheresLeah Manikin

Smacc Support - #WheresLeah Manikin

Dave Halliwell has been blogging our development of the #SMACC #Wheresleah manikin

It can be found in 3 parts on linkedin - It brings up exploration of the ethical aspects associated with Copying People to become manikins...

Part 1 - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/building-smacc-manikin-part-1-david-halliwell-msc-mcpara/
Part 2 -https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/building-smacc-manikin-part-2-david-halliwell-msc-mcpara/
Part 3 -https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/building-smacc-manikin-part-3-david-halliwell-msc-mcpara/

Lifecast Supports BBC2 TV programme - The Big Life Fix

Lifecast supports BBC TV programme - Allergic to Sunlight

One of our charitable projects this year was to support Alex a chap who is allergic to Sunlight - This involved many of the techniques we use in our manikin making, 3d scanning , Lifecasting and ultimately making a mask.
We try and support good projects, as a core value of the Lifecast team.

New bodies for medical education

New Bodies and Functionality

Our desire to build new bodies for medical education continues - we recently built the 27 week premature baby and we are now building 2 x Elderly Females

Our models for Lifecasting include a 50 year old lady and an 81 year old.

Lifecast Prem Baby

New Prem Baby

NEW For Summer 2018
Replicates a 27 Week Premature baby

Approximately 875 grams
Full Airway
NG Tube Insertion


ALS Baby News


Lifecast Body continues to expand into China and India

Continued Expansion overseas

Most recently the Lifecast body simulation teams have been busy appointing distributors for their products throughout the world. We have appointed teams in china and India - both emerging nations in the medical Simulation world.

Lifecast Body Simulation links with University of Calgary

University of Calagary - Canada Partnership

The team at Lifecast Body Simulation are proud to have their products in use with the University of Calgary in Canada. The team from Calgary visited the Elstree studios in the middle of the winter, and we were delighted to be able to share our vision and approach to medical simulation.
Idea sharing is already well underway.

Retrieval Conference - Glasgow

Retrieval Conference

Lifecast Body Simulation and iSimulate attended this years Retrieval Conference in Glasgow - as always the opportunity to catch up with good friends from the critical care, Retrieval and HEMS community.

Feedback was fantastic and orders have been forthcoming from Helicopter teams in USA

GDPR - Lifecast body Simulation Compliance

GDPR Compliance

This explains how we comply with the recent GDPR Legislation about use of Personal Data.

We have a duty to explain how data is used, collected and stored.

Lifecast Products at Dutch Resuscitation Congress

Lifecast Products on Show at Dutch Resuscitation congress

The team from Lifecast are very grateful to Wim Thies and the team at SECTA medical in Holland for showcasing the Karl and ALS Manikins to the Dutch Resuscitation congress.

Supporting national resuscitation programmes as they transition away from the more traditional manikin based strategies has been an exciting development for the Lifecast team.

We will be showcasing at conferences throughout Europe, USA and Australia.

Indian Sub Coninent Baby on Tour

Indian Sub Continent Baby - On tour in India

Dr Alok Sharma a Consultant Neonatologist from Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust has taken the lifecast body simulation baby on tour throughout the Indian continent.
Dr Alok has been instrumental in our product design and teaching of the Lifecast team.

Lifecast Artists and Star Wars

Lifecast Artists and Star Wars...

OurTeam at Lifecast include a wide variety of Special Effects Gurus who work on major movies such as Star wars and Gladiator.
Most recently the team are using skills and knowledge gained at Lifecast Body Simulation to support their passion for Movies.

Its incredible to have such a team of talented artists.

We use 3D scanners, 3D printing, Mould Making, Eye making, Hair Punching, Seaming, Painting and our team are constantly testing our understanding.

Lifecast Babies are heading to USA

Lifecast Baby heading out to Movie shoot in USA

Lifecast Babies are heading over to the USA to support educational Movies for Paediatric Resuscitation

Made in Elstree film studios - our babies are used to the limelight - having been used in the Crown TV series and other movies, but its great to be supporting such worthwhile ventures.

Syndaver CopyCat - National Science Teachers Association

Syndaver CopyCat Launched in Atlanta at National Science Teachers Association

The latest Animal to be built by the team at Syndaver / Lifecast is the Cat!

Here at Syndaver we are opposed to uneccesary experimentation on animals for the sake of education. Modern polymers developed by Dr Chris Sakezles are used to create tissues that can exactly replicate those of Human, Dog, and now Cat.

SynAtomy Anatomy Education table

SynAtomy Table


Youtube Video of the latest Anatomical teaching tool from Syndaver. Made in Brazil and used by Universities in South America and the USA the product is now available for shipping worldwide.


#insideout campaign and Hybridisation of Syndaver / Lifecast

#inside out campaign - Hybridised Tissues

Syndaver / Lifecast Body Simulation have been jointly developing their Hybridised Tissues.

Combining the traditional Syndaver Tissues with the Lifelike silicone 3d scanned products from Lifecast.

Ethnicitities in medical manikins

Ethnicities and Medical Education

The team at Lifecast have been trying to address the inequalities of cultural differences in medical manikins.
We are constantly frustrated by the lack of cultural differences in the medical simulation world.

We now produce Afro Caribbean, Caucasian and Indian Sub Continent manikins.

We have produced Asian Sub Continent and will continue to expand our range of Ethnicities.

inc. Magazine interview Syndaver and Lifecast team

Interviewed by Inc. Magazine

Being regular readers of Inc. Magazine (For Business and Entrepreneurs) we were delighted to be interviewed by Inc. to tell our story - it was a fascinating experience which will form one of their podcasts for entrepreneurs in 2018.

Medaphor Ultrasound and lifecast in Financial Mail

Medaphor Project gets National Attention

The project to build a new standard of Point of Care Ultrasound appeared in the Financial section of the Daily Mail...

This project is transforming Point of Care Ultrasound - Great people and great project.

Medaphor Eve and Syndaver / Lifecast


One of the most exciting developments for the Lifecast Body Simulation team has been the development of Point of Care Ultrasound Simulation - (POCUS)
In September 2017 we were approached by Medaphor to build a new type of ultrasound manikin - Bodyworks Eve

IMSH Here We Come

Please come and see the team at IMSH 2018 where we will be showcasing the family, also working with and showcasing some great products from the clever team at Syndaver

New Home for 'Alice'

This month London HEMS took gave a new 'Sim' Home to Alice our Lifecast Female Adult Manikin. The team from London HEMS have the vision to integrate Lifecast Manikins as part of their training and looking to add realism to there simulation.

MPROvE Southampton 2017

MPROvE 2017

Invite to attend the MPROvE Conference

World-leading “human” manufacturers put heads together for new partnership

World-leading “human” manufacturers put heads together for new partnership

TAMPA, Fla. – SynDaver Labs, an advanced biotechnology company specializing in the creation of sophisticated synthetic humans and animals, announced on 6th September 2017, the formation of a new international strategic partnership with medical manikin manufacturer Lifecast Body Simulation.

lifecast, baby, neonate

Neonatal Transfer teams and Resuscitation

A visit to see the teams at RVI in newcastle - and a chance to showcase Babies, Children and our Adult Manikin.
Feedback was excellent - specifically relating to the technical accuracy - look, feel and Realism of the manikins.

London HEMS, HEMS, Helicopter, Simulation, Manikin

Partnering with Excellence

The team at Lifecast are proud to be working with senior clinicians in the London Helicopter Emergency Medical services - (London Air Ambulance) to design bespoke manikins with which to educate their front line clinical teams.

lifecast, babies, manikins

Feedback on lifecast babies from retrieval teams

We are promoting the babies to Retrieval and Neonatal teams worldwide - with centres in UK, USA, Australia all preferring to use Realistic manikins for their medical education.

We are trying to explore the concepts of Manikins vs Task trainers and Reality, Fidelity and Buy In...

Das Smacc, Bespoke Manikin, #WheresLeah?

Designing a bespoke Manikin for SMACC

One of the greatest challenges set to the team at Lifecast was to build a manikin specifically for the SMACC (Social Media and Critical Care) team.
The process involved 3d scanning (in Australia), 3D printing in UK, mould making, manikin design, Lifecasting a young lady in the UK, head and core manufacture, Internal anatomy design, external anatomy finishing, hair punching and a whole host of other skills.

RDT, TempusPro, Tempus, Simulation, Defibrillation.

RDT Tempus Training

One of our Key projects for the last few years has been to design products and education packages that enable us to teach the best clinicians.
We are very fortunate to be working closely with the Team at RDT (Remote Diagnostic Technologies) here in the UK to develop education solutions and packages for their Staff, Distributors and Clients.
The Tempus pro is an amazing monitor, with reach back technology. Used by the British Military, Ambulance HEMS and retrieval teams and many others throughout the world.

#WheresLeah?, Simulation, Manikin

Smacc -WheresLeah?

This is the first part of the #WheresLeah? event from this years SMACC conference in Berlin.
We are making a movie about how the Leah manikin was built to exactly replicate the famous actress (and doctor) Renee Lim.
Below is the footage shot by the team and Sydney HEMS in Australia

lactation, simulation, medical manikin,

Lactation Manikin

"One of the best educational conferences I have attended" was how Dave Halliwell explained his visit to the Lactate Consultants of Great Britain conference.
Dave was there to showcase the lactation education baby with the team from Class Publishing / Jones and Bartlett.

Life Cast Body Simulation at Obs-Gyne and Midwifery Congress 2017 Dubai

Obs-Gyne and Midwifery Congress 2017 Dubai

Now in it's 9th year, the Congress attracted over 700 healthcare professionals from around the world.

LifeCast Body Simulation at College of Paramedics Conference 2017

College of Paramedics Conference 2017

Following on from the success of 2016 the Collage of Paramedics 2017 National Conference was attended by over 200 delegates.

LifeCast Body Simulation at Spark of Life Conference Adelaide Australia

Spark of Life Conference Adelaide Australia

The Spark of Life Conference, held in Adelaide, Australia was attended by over 400 healthcare delegates.