Obs-Gyne and Midwifery Congress 2017 Dubai

Life Cast Body Simulation at Obs-Gyne and Midwifery Congress 2017 Dubai

Now in its 9th year, the Obs-Gyne and Midwifery Congress attracted over 700 healthcare professionals from around the world.

The Congress continues to tackle cutting edge controversial issues in the field and provide participants with a diverse, multi-disciplinary scientific program covering the most recent research, developments and treatments. 

Lifecast Body Simulation exhibited at the Congress, taking along some newborn baby "bodies". The reaction from those present was fascinating - whilst they were certainly the most photographed babies at the show, more interestingly everyone wanted to hold them... even those initially taken aback with the level of realism. 

We received nothing but positive comments on the baby - especially it's features and weight - all ensuring that everyone felt that had to hold them like real new borns.

Our thanks to the team at Informa in Dubai for a great conference and hosting the Lifecast babies - the most photographed and hugged babies in the UAE.

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