Designing a bespoke Manikin for SMACC

Das Smacc, Bespoke Manikin, #WheresLeah?

One of our Key projects for 2017 was to build a manikin specifically for the SMACC (Social Media and Critical Care) team.

The process involved our team working across 3 Continents, with teams from Australia, USA and UK all assisting. We were supported with 3d scanning (in Australia), 3D printing of the scanned images here at Lifecast in UK, mould making, manikin design. We then undertook life casting of a young lady Paramedic here in the UK, followed by elements of head and core manufacture, Internal anatomy design, External anatomy finishing, hair punching, and a whole host of other skills. 

The project was completed on time and the Manikin was transported to Australia for filming and returned to Berlin for the SMACC event.

Feedback was that most people couldn't believe that the exact replica of Renee the Actress - Playing the Role of #WheresLeah could be achieved.

Our aim at Lifecast Bodies has been to explore Realism and its role in medical simulation - We have taken a very simple approach and aim that our solutions are both robust and affordable.

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