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London HEMS, HEMS, Helicopter, Simulation, Manikin
The team at Lifecast are proud to be working with senior clinicians in the London Helicopter Emergency Medical services  - (London Air Ambulance) to design bespoke manikins with which to educate their front line clinical teams.

The design etc is being withheld for a few weeks to allow for build and testing.

The key to medical simulation is to try and get manikins and procedures to look and feel real - to build up the rolodex of experience that clinicians can safely fall back on in practice.

John and the team at Lifecast work tirelessly to build manikins that will save lives, and are very proud of this aspect of the medical simulation company. We are working with other simulation and manikin companies to build the all round package for end users.

If you are interested in knowing more - or have ideas for commercially viable simulation products please get in touch... we build all products in house...
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