RDT Tempus Training

RDT, TempusPro, Tempus, Simulation, Defibrillation.

One of the Key Lifecast projects for the last few years has been to design products and education packages that enable us to teach the best clinicians.

We are very fortunate to be working closely with the Team at RDT (Remote Diagnostic Technologies) here in the UK to develop education solutions and packages for their Staff, Distributors and Clients.
Our latest Manikins and Airway simulation strategies are used by this team to train clinical staff on therepeutic aspects such as Intubation, ALS, 12 lead etc..

Our education strategies include linking the real device with iSimulate and other simulation tools.

The Tempus pro is an amazingly sophisticated, yet simple to use monitor, with reach back technology. Used by the British Military, Ambulance HEMS and retrieval teams and many others throughout the world.

The Photos show the Tempus Pro monitor and the Tempus ALS defibrillator being used alongside the Lifecast manikin.
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