Smacc -WheresLeah?

#WheresLeah?, Simulation, Manikin

This video is from the first part of the #WheresLeah? event from this years SMACC conference in Berlin.

We are making a movie about how the Leah manikin was built to exactly replicate the famous actress (and doctor) Renee Lim. It was a project commissioned by the team at SMACC, as a challenge to the Community to make a manikin that replicated Renee.

It was a massive undertaking, involving a great many clinicians from around the world, and of course, JOHN, Eugene and the team at lifecast, who threw away the rule book in building this project.

Assistance from the Arts Institute of Australia, International shipping agents - and customs teams, Sara Catrin Cook, John Gatwood and Dave and Rob from the UK. We had support from iSimulate in australia, Dr Anthony Lewis, Peter McKie, from Sydney Hems - in fact the list genuinely does go into hundreds.

Some teams in this world are Disruptive - They shake the tree a little to transform the landscape - But this project was ERUPTIVE - acting like a volcano to Wipe out what had gone before and create a whole world of new opportunity.

Below is the footage shot by the team and Sydney HEMS in Australia
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