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Syndaver are growing at an incredible pace - at IMSH2018 Syndaver have showcased their collaboration with Brazilian tech giant Csanmek, which specializes in systems and solutions for the educational market, Used in more than 30 medical courses (human and veterinary) in Brazil, the United States and Mexico, Csanmek's 3D simulator acts as a platform that displays highly detailed and anatomically correct three-dimensional models of all systems in the human body for training of virtual surgeries.

Csanmek's rapid internationalisation and growth was mainly due to the technology replacing the use of cadavers in anatomy classes as the world trend of exchanging human bodies for digital dissecting virtual platforms in medical and veterinary courses continues to grow.

The SynAtomy 3D simulator, also has an integration tool between hospitals and classrooms and offers students the possibility to study clinical cases and real patient exams, as it allows that teachers convert tomograms and MRIs in 3D, with full and unrestricted access to the real anatomy. 

It also uses a few lines of anatomical and physiological atlases, with more than 5,000 anatomical structures identified, including all organs and systems of the male and female body, and can be used in medical, veterinary and other health care courses. 

Among the Brazilian institutions that have the technology are the Faculty of the Americas (FAM), the University of São Caetano do Sul (USCS), Uninove, São Leopoldo Mandic (RJ), one of the main medical schools in Brazil, Guanambi, in Bahia, and the Claretian College, among others. 

According to the founder of Csanmek, Claudio Santana, the solution was developed by a highly qualified team, with decades of experience in diagnoses and medical images. "Despite being an educational device, the 3D platform is also used by doctors and health professionals on a daily basis to improve learning and understanding of real and modeled anatomical structures," says Claudio.

SynAtomy is available via the Syndaver / Lifecast Team -

This product is truly in a league of its own... and brings affordable solutions to our learning of Anatomy.

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