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Adult Male & Female

Lifecast Body Simulation Adults are highly accurate and lifelike, designed and manufactured in the UK. Based on the lifecasts and scans of real people, Lifecast Adults feature lifelike details including replication of veins and underlying structures, hair and precise anatomical mouths and airways enabling ALS airway management. 

Available in a wide range of ethnicities and created with usable weight and average adult heights, Lifecast Adults encourage more natural handling, bringing a new level of realism to medical training and demonstrate our belief in building simulation training tools that create emotional attachment and engagement.

ALS Adults - Key Features

Female based on a 30 year old (approx)
Male based on a 50 year old (approx)
Weight 30-40Kg
Ethnicity – Caucasian* 
Step wise airway management with mouth, open nostrils, upper airway and lungs enabling bag/valve/mask, oropharyngeal airway, nasopharyngeal airway, supraglottic airway and ET tube intubation.
Intraosseous insertions in bilateral humeral head and tibia
CPR compatible
Needle decompression insertion
Hand punched hair 
Closed eyelids with manual opening
Transport body stretcher/bag with wheels

NG tube insertion
Catheterisation function
X1 Bluetooth speaker
*Ethnicity options available 

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