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Now available to order, the Lifecast Body Simulation Toddler / Child is a highly accurate and lifelike young child's body designed and manufactured in the UK. Based on the scans and Lifecast of real children, the Lifecast Toddler / Child features lifelike fine details such as veins and underlying structures as well as hair.  Lifecast Toddler / Child comes with an airway and articulated mouth for airway management. Available in wide range of ethnicities and created to the weight and height of an average young Toddler / Child, the Lifecast Toddler/Child will encourage more natural handling, bringing a new level of realism to medical training.

Key Features

Step wise airway management - Upper Airway Mouth, Teeth & Jaw, Bag Valve Mask Ventilation, 


Intraosseous Insertions in Tibia (Optional)

Needle Decompression: 2nd Intercostal Space (Front) - if needed

Standard Weight for age

Closed Eyelids capable of manual opening

Hair punched Hair 

Wide Range of Ethnicities Available

Naturally Floppy - the Toddler is incredible for challenging the perceptions of what a manikin should be.

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